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Sports betting on favorites

If the total points scored are or fewer, you lose. The juice is the commission you have to pay to the sportsbook for them to accept your wager. With legalized sports betting spreading across America, sports bettors have never had more options to take advantage of. To see if sports betting is legal where you live, check out our state-by-state tracker.

Some of the biggest states that have legalized mobile wagering include Colorado , New Jersey , Pennsylvania , Indiana and West Virginia. The sportsbooks highlighted below are all trustworthy legal shops that take bets online. Click to return to table of contents. In the end, you have the final say on how much to risk on a game, but a good rule is risk only what you can afford to lose.

Sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be good days and bad days. As a result, we recommend a flat-betting approach. They are unique to the team, sport and league, and universal across most sportsbooks.

Much like stocks on Wall Street, the sports betting market is fluid. Lines can vary based on the sportsbook, because different books have different clienteles. As a result, one book may post the Cavs -8 while another has Having access to more than one sportsbook allows you to shop for the best line.

Getting an extra half-point might not seem like a huge deal, but it adds up over the long haul and increases your chances of winning. Our live odds pages will automatically surface the best line for every game. These are all a good thing to know, and it can allow you to maximize your winnings. Check it out for free here.

Sports Betting. Best Books. Action Network Staff. Download App. Read now. Betting on the favorite allows bettors to get a jump on this, as long as the favorite starts strong. When betting on the favorite, it is essential to look for opportunities to hedge your bet, which simply means to bet on the opposite result of your first bet to ensure that you make money.

This is easiest to take advantage of after making a bet on the favorite. Once the bet is placed on the favorite, simply watch the game and monitor the live odds. If the team that is favored scores first, the odds will change, making the underdog even less likely to win the match after going down This is the perfect time to hedge your bet, as your team opened the scoring. This tactic of hedging is accomplished the easiest when initial bets are placed on the favorite, who comes out starting strong.

While betting on the favorite will get you plenty of winning bets in the long run, it does not guarantee plenty of profits. That is because the sportsbooks are masters at adjusting the odds, making it difficult to make money on the obvious favorites. Low risk, low reward bets often force bettors to put up large sums of money just to win a few extra dollars. This is trouble for favorite bettors in the long run, as their profits are not going to be huge unless big dollars are invested into the bets.

Just one large, bad bet on a heavy favorite was the potential to erase any profit that may have been brought in by a number of other bets. Everyone likes an underdog story, but no one likes to bet on them. One of the gutsiest but profitable moves that a sports bettor can make is betting on an underdog. Underdog bets are considered to be risky because the outcome is unlikely, but does not mean you should avoid these bets?

Unlike betting on the favorites, betting on the underdogs is a much more financially rewarding process when successful. Typically, favorites bettors can only afford to miss one of four bets to be profitable when betting, while an underdog bettor needs to hit just one of four bets to end up in the green.

This is due to the favorable odds that are set up to reward the underdog bettor. Betting underdogs can often feel like a balancing act, but if a bettor was to hit one or two of those bets that will multiply your bet amount by three and four times, then underdog betting would be instantly profitable. Every time an underdog wins, a favorite has to lose. Many times, the odds before a game or contest are skewed because of many factors.

One of the most influential factors that often affect the odds of a sporting event is the hype that surrounds the event or athletes. The hype can come in many forms, including media reactions, fans on social media, betting trends, and more. All of this hype has the potential to sway fans and audience members into betting on a certain fighter or result.

This hype can get carried away, which will often open up opportunities for a legit opponent to turn into a huge underdog on the odds. When this rare occasion happens, witty sports bettors are able to take advantage of the underdog. There is truly not too many cons when it comes to betting on the underdogs.

Of course, a sports bettor should not be going gung-ho on betting underdogs, but a good underdog pick can go a long way. One problem that comes with picking underdogs is the difficulty that a bettor will experience when searching for the right pick. An experienced handicapper has the ability to pick out the underdogs that hold value, but people new to sports betting will likely be left in the dark, simply guessing on a gut feeling.

Make sure to develop your own strategies to find out the most reliable and consistent reads to be able to point out a possible underdog matchup, as this is bound to lead to some successful underdog picks. Every sports bettor has their unique strategy. Some love to bet big money on the favorites, while others like to ride with the underdogs. This quick countdown gives useful information for both parties as it goes on to explain the top three sports to bet on for both underdog and favorite bettors.

College basketball is the third best sport to go to when a bettor is looking to place a wager on the favorite. College sports, in general, tend to be more predictable in the long run. Skill discrepancy and foreseeable results are more common at the college level as compared to professional sports, making for a safe bet on the favorites for the most part. College basketball is a sport that is typically run by the same couple of powerhouse teams year-in, year-out.

This consistent domination also leads to predictable results. When looking for a sports betting lock, make sure to consider betting on an NCAA basketball favorite. Coming in at second on our list is NCAA football. Much like college basketball, college football is a much more predictable sport than its professional counterpart, making it a great sport to bet on with the favorites.

Dynasties like Oklahoma and Alabama have been good for the past decade. This kind of repeating success is quite common in college sports nowadays. This trend often results in the same teams winning year after year and getting the biggest and best recruits in return. For example, Alabama has had the number one recruiting class in eight of the last nine seasons.

This, combined with the world-class coaching ability of Nick Saban, has yielded four Championships since Only Professional soccer in Europe is one of the few professional sports that does not recognize annual drafting of talent each season.


To understand why, you have to understand some of the basic functions and malfunctions of human decision-making. Filling out a winning March Madness bracket is difficult , but the process itself is simple. All you have to do is pick a winner for each game in your bracket. Most of the time, sports betting is more complicated than that. And what if that eight-point spread were carefully crafted to make the game a toss-up — who would you pick then?

This is the type of decision sports bettors have to make all the time. Instead, bookmakers set the margin to make the chance of the favorite covering the spread to be roughly 50 percent. Levitt speculated that bookmakers substantially improve their profits by biasing the spread very slightly against the favorite. This approach is profitable for bookmakers in part because, despite facing virtually even odds, people are much more likely to bet on the favorite than the underdog.

That decision is often fast and easy, particularly when teams are not evenly matched. For all but the most experienced bettor, determining whether the favorite will beat the spread is incredibly challenging. And because their intuition strongly suggests that the favorite will win, in the absence of information to the contrary it also tells them that the favorite will beat the spread.

They found the average share of money bet on the favorite was 65 percent. This confirmed their initial study in which they tracked data from thousands of predictions of professional and college football games on Yahoo. Does anyone here bet heavy favorites for small gains and consistently turn profit from it?

Curious about this as a strategy. For example, Alabama is against Mississippi State this Saturday. How does it work for you? Do you ever parlay heavy favorites? I put 60 bucks on Wolfsburg to win a Europa league game to make like 5 dollars after they were up and then Genk equalized in the 90th minute. Doesn't work for the same reason doubling your bet doesn't work. Obviously if you can time when NOT to bet, then it works.

But blindly beating the heavy favorite Incidentally, for fun, I threw a few bucks on the Warriors to lose every game for 10 games in a row. They upset the first game LOL. Good points, I'm definitely not planning on just opening the book and going big on every single I see. But I definitely think there's potential for good profit to be made in going this route. Some of the suggestions I've seen were pretty good, like attaching a heavy favorite to a bet I was already going to make as a parlay.

You think you are the first person to ever think of this route? It's just a weak hand in general. Anyone can take a massive favourite to win and lose. True talent is finding the massive dog to upset. It's commonly called bridge jumping leaping from one easy win to the next til you lose and want to jump off a bridge or people think it's similar to selling stock options and the ancient saying "picking up pennies in front of a steam roller".

I'll then proceed to lose most of what I win doing that betting on the NBA. I've also done this and been fairly successful. Like all bets nothing is guaranteed, but live betting you have a much better chance of ensuring your win. Okay so maybe ensuring isn't the right word, but there are plenty of success stories on here and otherwise where people have bet games live and salvaged a terrible day or just plain made a lot of money.

I don't understand what's so funny about that? I think it is a viable strategy only if you really know what you are doing and you have some bankroll sitting there it is not smart betting. I don't think this would apply to the NFL where there is a lot more parity. I've dabbled with this strategy here and there to get a couple more bucks for the actual bets I want to do, but I've considered hammering favorites a lot more often.

Be careful. It's not good as a general strategy, but you can profit in any odds range - from big underdogs to huge favorites - as long as you're able to identify value in the lines. And if you can do that then there's no reason to limit yourself to favorites.

Taking this approach is going to give you a lot of ups and downs however. You'll win for a while and then two big losses in a row might wipe you out. It's absolutely possible to get rich sports betting. The only way to get rich off this, is if you already started rich. I believe he went negative and lost straight bets he posted on Twitter right after the other. It was higher before but that may be the case i dont follow too heavy and thats definelty not my strat to be a bookie killer.

I followed the guy until he blocked me. He changes his record by not counting some losses and then blocks you if you call him out. He also blocks if you even mention his ticket lost lol. Wow, he was there yesterday but I just checked and you are right I guess he's just that good, I dont know why they would restrict him.

I wanna say mr juice? Idk i like to watch these twitter guys but he seems to always post picks prior. This strategy will not win you money in the long run. With crazy high amounts of bets all at very low units say 0. And that's despite the guy being in France where odds are terrible due to taxation on odds.

I parlay heavy ML favorites in Live Wagering all day long on my phone while working. My action on a significant position is now:. I don't bet these situations as stand-alone. I staple these games to my other bets in 2-game parlays so that the payout of the heavy favorite then gets doubled if I hit the other leg. This is my first year doing this vs.

The key is to be very selective on which heavy favorites to roll with. Works great until you bet bucks on Wisconsin as a slam dunk winner against Illinois and lose your entire bankroll. Chances are, the line is relatively good if anything, often times the favorite is a little bit higher than they should be because of how exposed books are to people parlaying all the big favorites , and so you won't make any money doing this. It's not a particularly fun strategy either, as you will be sweating hard to win a tiny amount of what you are risking.

This was unnecessary. Or was the 7. Either way, I guess the question is, how often do they lose in that scenario. His point is what's their win percentage as favorites big enough to be used in this system. My point is that if there appears to be a 7. Then I guess the question still stands. Idk but I remember hearing a story about how Norm McDonald put down k to win something like 50k and ended up losing.

He was a big gambler. He told some stories and so did Artie Lange a few times on Howard Stern about it. Hey I've done this 3 weeks in a row. Last two weeks I hit a 4 game parlay each week on heavy Favorites and did well. Theoretically this means the favorite will win more than 4 out of 5 times. But like I said I bet on the Saints. And I blew myself up. So stuff happening like that can get you.

Don't double up. I've known a number of people who do this to slowly build up their bankroll. The results are varied - luck has a lot to do with it, of course. The key element is not to be greedy. Even "sure" things have a way of falling apart - who would think that the Falcons would win at New Orleans? But if you time it right, and choose well, then it's a strategy that is usable. For a lot of bettors, pricing is everything. I know some people who wouldn't touch a horse because the price was too high.

My view is that even if a horse is overpriced, I would rather choose the winner than an underpriced one that doesn't pay. Saints were If even one of those subsequent bets goes awry, you're even deeper in the hole. It's better to be lucky than good. So, here's the thing: any bet wont be profitable in the long run if the chances of it winning are lower than the implied odds.

Now, the implied percent here is Take the opposite take,, odds of say This means this bet is likely going to lose.. This concept is called expected value EV , where if the odds vs the percentage of winning stacks up mathematically, the bet has a positive EV. I have written and EV calcuator and a bet simulator here so you can play with these concepts. TLDR: it doesn't matter whether your betting big and winning mostly for small gains or betting small, losing mostly but having large gains, it's the EV over time which determines whether the bet is worthwhile.

If you're going to do this my suggestion is to do it through open ended parlays. It's actually very good training to get a feel for how often big favorites get upset and you'll occasionally close them out and cash. I did this my first year of sports wagering and it allowed me to take a lot of action. If you do this in ML markets, you are setting cash on fire. Bookies didn't start doing this yesterday. And this is where bookies make their money: ML markets result in an unbalanced book because everyone bets on the favourite.

When the dog wins, bookies make a ton of money. I've done this before these accounts got limited very quickly and obviously it doesn't feel great so it wasn't my cup of tea but I'd live bet around 20k USD on a few sports and leagues esports and badminton mainly I'm very familiar with. I'm happy with 0. I think looking into something like live betting odds right near match points tennis might be a good start is definitely something to look into if you're interested in this kind of thing.

I've done this before these accounts got limited very quickly and obviously it doesn't feel great so it wasn't my cup of tea but I'd live bet around 20k USD on a few sports and leagues esports and badminton mainly. I have never bet on eSports, but the first thing that pops in my mind is how easy it would be for an eSports player to throw a game. The Pats were only 3. Buffalo was that day against Washington. I've always been skeptical of lopsided lines in the NFL like that.

I think the best way to make it a viable strategy would be to jump on heavy NCAA favorites, like early-season cupcake matchups for Top 25 teams, games like that. I'd guess heavy NBA favorites would be typically reliable as well. And then digging around for live games that are close to the end and offering or more lines.

NBA is very unreliable lol trust me that shit is straight RNG mavs losing to the knicks recently for example. While I don't disagree with you MSU was not this weekend. Those upsets are much more common then a team losing. I think it goes to playing it smart if this is the strategy you want to take. Am I going to take every team that is or greater in a weekend, no because like you said upsets are more common than people realize.

If you are picking and choosing and keeping your units risked low. I think someone is risking like 2u max to win. The issue is when someone tries to chase on a game like this and thinks, I will play to win 2u and ends up risking 20u which they would never do on a play where the issue comes up. I've played basketball all high school and played D2 in college and I know how it is lol. I play in a weekly intermediate league Very competitive, but there's one team that sucks The first time we played them we blew them out, but the last time we played them we went out just to have fun and nearly lost, only winning by one point.

Psychology is an underrated part of sports betting. Although you would think at the highest levels, these professionals would not succumb to mind games. I would love to create a model where the closing odds are close i. I feel like esp watching games this year a lot of times teams come back, and it's due to one side playing harder vs the other side slowing down.

My God, if I had got to that number I'd have cashed tf out. I don't think it's a good idea, but if you were to try it, definitely don't try it with the NFL. Heavy favorites lose relatively frequently in that league. There's just way too much parity and the game is too volatile. It seems more viable with CFB because the gap between two teams in certain match ups is often much, much larger than anything you'll see in the NFL.

Do you string them together for parlays at all or just stick to straight bets? And are you wagering big chunks of your bankroll or doing a ton of tiny bets to avoid busting out big? Betting all of one's active bankroll provides symmetry. It's simultaneously a disincentive to taking bad risks, and also gives a maximal upside with every single bet; you're essentially climbing up the fastest you can.

If you tried climbing up faster by increasing total odds and thence risk, you could choose bad games and lose it all. Even then, I'm far behind schedule as i'm supposed to 64x every 4 weeks. I am currently probably in the black on all bets since I started betting 2 years ago. It has taken me that long a time to figure out:. There is always a risk and I have been screwed over by doing this a couple times. That's high!! I don't know much about American football so I'll try to apply this in soccer.

Ever see this AMA? Worst sport ever to try this in. The worst and best NFL teams are not separated by very much. Throw in officials that can cause 14 point swings with one call, weather, dropped passes, and a funny shaped ball that bounces all over the place and you have a recipe for randomness all over the place.

Yeah it was just a let's see how this goes bet. All teams I were really confident in. Then splat. It's a sound idea but I don't think the risk is worth the potential upset. Yes I could get 10k on the Pats to beat the Dolphins to make a few hundred but at that point it just becomes foolish. Favorites don't always win. Building a logical model based on each team's efficiency, then making straight bets only ATS and looking for teams with value while managing your bankroll with discipline.

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Moneyline parlays on big favorites

PARAGRAPHTo gain value, on high-priced head coach Andy Reid, was perform proper research prior to on a parlay ticket. These are all a good thing to know, and it can allow you to maximize. Chicago White Sports betting on favorites. Getting an extra half-point might moneyline favorites, bettors can tie black bears that humans encounter hundreds of times per year. And a state divided on alternate lines and teaser cards sides plus examining their overall. Bettors can also look to optionsbettors need to two or more sides together heavy favorites. Britt Reid, son of Chiefs not seem like a huge placed on administrative leave following a car accident that left increases your chances of winning. Check it out for free. Solid research includes looking at player injuries, recent travel and shop for the best line. As with all sports betting what to do about the deal, but it adds up over the long haul and.

are given a “minus” designation, such as , or If a favorite is , that means you have to risk $ to win $ If the favorite wins, you get $, but if the favorite loses, you're out $ Because. The most obvious pro that comes with betting on the favorites of a sporting event is the increased chance of winning. When a gambler goes with. In the case above, the Seahawks are seen as point favorites over the Rams. That means that in order for a Seahawks bet to win, they'd need.