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Instant Message relaxing work finally gettin chance twitter far? Instant Message twitter tonight. Instant Message tired going bed peace twitter. I got to spend an hour or so talking to Filmic and watching their demos, and a couple days shooting with DoubleTake on my own.

Something that had to be better as browsing, email, photos, video, music, gaming, and eBooks. Something that had to be… the iPad. Reuters detonated a huge controversy in the Apple and security spaces yesterday with this headline — Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained - sources. But in a far more dangerous way than the cliched, cartoonish, contorted new Evil List article in Slate suggests.

Late last year, I upgraded the main camera I use for filming these videos to the Canon C A cinema camera, which means one built specifically for shooting video. Not a still camera that also shoots video. At first, I just stuck with my usual workflow. But, one of the best things about the C is that it can shoot in RAW. Which, just like RAW in photography, captures a ton more information so you not only get a better quality recording, you preserve a ton more options for color correction and grading.

I use, like and really wanted to stay inside Final Cut Pro X. So, I adapted, I tested, I tweaked, I iterated, and I shared a lot of work in progress on Twitter and Insta, where a lot of you were kind of enough to give me feedback. And also ask a lot of questions about the workflow I was putting together. Until now. But, we were missing things. Especially things that would let the iPad be the iPad. Something that would keep the iOS underpinnings but let the experience be as unique, the way the watch and TV had been treated basically since launch.

Along with many of the features many of us had been asking for since Steve Jobs had first sat down with it in that big comfy chair. It was so stable and performant, the betas felt better than some previous shipping versions. But, hardware like the iPhone XS and especially the iPad Pro made it clear Apple needed to amp up the functionally and fill in many of the still-missing features. Enter iOS 13 and its offshoot, iPadOS 13, which brought a ton of exactly that functionality and those feature fills.

Split focus between paying down the technical debt and adding a restrained amount of new features. Law enforcement agencies across the globe make requests for data from Apple and other tech companies all the time. They are… routine. But, every once in awhile, specific cases still show up in the papers. Apple already fought the FBI over encryption and back doors once, a few years ago. The FBI folded. But are they gearing up to go after encryption again?

Last year, I asked for three main things when it came to iPhone 11 photography: An ultra-wide camera, a Night Mode, and Portrait Video. And, yeah, to fix the weird skin tones and textures in Smart HDR. CES — formerly known as the consumer electronics show — is kicking off this week in Las Vegas. Last year, I did a while video on what I thought was going to be the coolest new HomeKit… kit of the year.

But, some of the stuff I was most looking forward to still seems MIA. So, rather than rinse and repeat that this year, especially in light of some recent announcements, I figured I should step back and take a bigger, more pictured look at where HomeKit is and where I think it needs to be in Everything that would ship did ship.

Kill it if you have to. It's the only way for all of us to get what comes next. Wait, no, that sounds so nihilistic. When Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone in , the first big leap forward, it was made possible by the confluence of several rapidly emerging technologies — capacitive multitouch, ubiquitous mobile data networks, and miniaturized computing.

Back in October of , Apple introduced a totally new, totally redesigned iPad Pro. It deleted a lot of the bezels, making the They lost the headphone jack, which sucked, but also swapped out Lightning for USB-C, which was terrific. And they topped it all off with the monstrous A12X processor, which pretty much made any machine with an Intel Core M just break down and cry. But, that was then, this is now. Apple went all of without an iPad Pro update.

So, what does that leave — and what does that mean — for ? Apple promised a few old favorites, like Peanuts and Oprah, but mostly all-new originals with huge names like Jennifer Aniston and Jason Mamoa attached, budgets the would take us into the future and, through alternate timelines, the moon again, and with some astronomical, aspirations attached, because there was absolutely no catalog content to fall back on. The Apple Watch is different. No mini and no Max.

Not really. There are simply two display sizes, small and large, and a variety of different materials, from aluminum to ceramic, steel to titanium. Even flirting with RAW lite, which has all the dynamic range but requires far more in terms of resources to process. Yeah, not the new Mac Pro. I looked. I longed. But, in the cold hard light of workloads and budgets, I ended up sticking with the inch MacBook Pro.

A lot of products that had fallen off the radar, or simply fallen off, have been brought back. Some with swagger. Some, with a vengeance. Yeah, all the Pros too. Some holes. Some products just plain missing in action. Starting with the Mac. Rene shares his favorite tech videos of Including into the river. Did you ever think Apple was deleting the Lightning port just so they could make the iPhone Lucky Number 13 thinner?

Like a credit card? Like 2D? Well, it turns out, you had even more questions, especially about the rumor that Apple would be deleting the Lightning port on the Pro-level iPhones comes Yes, Kuo dropped another spoiler bomb this week, this time concerning the five — yes, five — new iPhones he is expecting from Apple in It lines up, in part, with similar supply-chain exfiltrations earlier in the week from Samik Chatterjee of JPMorgan, who also suggested Apple might start splitting its release schedule between spring and the traditional fall and….

President Donald Trump, and Russia and Crimea. Others have praised the company and their CEO for doing their fiduciary duty, following the laws of the all the various lands, and preserving important markets and shareholder value. Still others have seen it as Apple, caught in their own expansion, trying to navigate an impossible balance between political turmoil, corporate interests, and social and customer responsibility.

Now, that fire is becoming an inferno. How close can Apple play it without being frozen out… or burned? Just over a year ago, Apple announced the all new iPad Pro. Thanos-snapped were half the bezels. All wrapped up in a modern, retro design. It was controversial at first because all that A12X power and Liquid Retina grace just felt so underserved by the iOS 12 feature set it shipped with.

That was This is And, while the atoms have gone without an upgrade the bits have finally started coming into their own with iPadOS, an offshoot of iOS So, have we gone from super high priced to slightly more affordable? More importantly, have we gone from bleeding-edge hardware limited by software to outdated hardware made functional at longest last? Or, have we finally found the perfect balance, at least until the next update?

When Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPad, you only had one 9. Over the years, though, Apple expanded the lineup to include the ultra-portable 7. Now, the 9. And, of course, all the color, storage, and cellular options for each. And… it can seem like a lot. I get it. I totally get it. I hoped for more. A deep dive into Apple margins over time and how they compared to the rest of the industry. A breakdown of price vs. And of how exactly Apple was providing the kind of value people were willing to pay premium prices for again and again..

Obviously, they change up the camera bump cutout, but they also add a new, dedicated, hardware camera button to launch the camera app and take photos and QuickVideo. I try not to buy too many things but I often buy the wrong version of a thing once or twice before finding the right one.

And that… piles up. But it does mean that, come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or the Long Turkey Weekend, or just what I call it now — November — I have a pretty good, tried and tested idea, about what I want to give and get going into the holidays. And then I just have to stick to my list, look for the best the prices possible. And hit the buy button. For the best prices possible part, I keep it locked to my friends and colleagues over at Thrifter. I work with them every day, so I get to see first hand just how hard they work, especially this time of year.

Like round-the-clock hard. I mean, really using it. With my SIM card in it and everything. Taking photos. Making calls. Playing Pokemon Go. Yes, still. I had the Nexus One, the Nexus 4, and the Pixels 1 and 2. Now, up front, I consider Google to be the most important company in the world. I think Amazon is transformative in the best and worst ways. Facebook is… a disaster that still brings the world together like nothing else.

But, Google, literally, is trying to build the Star Trek computer. The future of humanity. Ethically and technologically. Apple makes phones. Phones that are increasingly tied to entertainment services, sure. The atoms themselves are spectacularly unimpressive without the algorithms that bring them to life… and harvest unprecedented amounts of personal, private data while doing it.

All in service of financing and building that Star Trek computer. So, if I seem the tough on Google and their products like the Pixel. We all have to be. Text messages are not. So, if you want to prevent a private iMessage from unintentionally going out as an insecure text message channel, where your carriers and anyone who exploits them can read it, go to Settings - Messages - and turn off Send as SMS.

For most people, losing their precious message and photo memories is a bigger risk and worse outcome than someone hacking them or having them subject to government seizure. If that content is important to you, though, make sure you back it up manually, locally to your computer instead. Getting things off the cloud prevents your information being taken from a second, remote location. Again, just make sure you have a backup of anything truly important to you.

A while back, Apple banned advertisers from using your device ID to track you and gave them a non-device bound, non-permeant Ad Identifier instead. Live Photos actually record a few seconds of video and audio. Using your photos as a screen saver on Apple TV can slide show your private snaps to your family and friends in a very public way. If you have any concerns can turn off Live Photos with the tap of an icon, Capture outside of Frame with a toggle, and just leave your screen savers on default.

Uninstalling the apps, logging out on the web, using something like 1Blocker to prevent social widget trackers from loading or Guardian VPN to prevent social SDKs from firing within other apps, and, yeah, avoiding location-based gaming are all options to consider.

So, tell Siri to remind you to check permissions once a month, once a week even, and then go through your iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, Google — all permissions, and turn off anything you no longer want or need. What realities and decisions went into getting us to where we are now. Last year, the MacBook lineup was far more complicated, the differences far more nuanced, and the choice… far more difficult.

Now, Apple has updated, cleaned up, and improved almost everything and the result is the cleanest lineup in half a decade. Maybe more. If you just want a Mac you can take pretty much anywhere and do pretty much anything with, and portability and price are your priorities, then you've got the new baseline, the new MacBook Air. Now, simple as that is, there are some important things, and a bunch of options, you should know about each of those systems before you decide to make any of them your own.

The new inch MacBook Pro. Bigger screen. All-new keyboard. I swear. And I jumped on a plane, got it, and am about to go all hands on with it for you. The power of the Apple ecosystem. You hear so much about it. How, once you get in, it makes it oh just so easy to stay in. Once you get one product, like an iPhone, it makes it oh just so easy to get more, like an Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

But what does it really mean and how does it really work? I mean, not just in nebulous terms, but specifically? The original version of this Pixel4 vs. It was also totally buried by the YouTube algorithm. Maybe it was and is a bad video. Maybe the algorithm was having problems at the time. Who knows? Either way, I've updated the video, included some new b-roll that better explains and shows off the differences, and in the grand tradition of George Lucas, I'm re-uploading it as a Special Edition and an experiment.

Apple started the year in privacy off with a colossal flex — Giant billboards across from January's CES show in Vegas saying what happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone. It was privacy by design. Privacy as a civil right. That was quickly followed by a bug that could allow eavesdropping through FaceTime calls, an impressive array of new privacy protections including Sign in with Apple, HomeKit secure video and routers, increased tracking protection, private federated learning, and an anonymized new Find My network.

Then, a scandal involving Siri and letting humans, contractors even, listen to and grade customer voice recordings for quality assurance. An industry-wide practice-become-scandal, yes, but one unexpected and unacceptable given Apple's position on privacy, both moral and marketing. Up, down, up, down. What was left was to make it right.

And, Apple's doing that in two ways: A With the release a week ago of new, fully disclosed opt-in grading process for Siri last week as part of iOS Google is buying Fitbit, which previously bought Pebble, and if my Twitter feed is any indication, not everyone is happy about it.

Small, beloved hardware companies that are struggling to survive on their own being gobbled up by the big tech titans is almost becoming a cliche. Namely, us. AirPods Pro to be specific. Right now. The land had once been an apricot orchard and, while Jobs had plans for a spaceship-shaped office building the likes of which this world had never seen before, he also had plans to bring back at least some of that orchard.

That means they needed trees, some native and fully grown, others more diverse, to better withstand the changing climate, the hotter summers, the cooler winters. It took half a decade to get everything in place but, by , Apple had their park.

Apple Park. And over new trees in and around it. Now, MrBeast and the largest YouTube collaboration is history are trying to plant just a few more. When Apple introduced the 6th generation, 9. Now, Apple has introduced the 7th generation, I fully realize how ridiculous any recommendation my dumb blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber can sound.

It was the first real biometric facial geometry identification scanner. Now, Google has just released Face Unlock on the Pixel 4. The basic biometric facial geometry identification system is pretty much identical to Face ID. At least for now. Now we have Beats Solo Pro. It was a whirlwind. Made by Google has come and gone. And, legit, it was a complete cluster of an event. So much great technology given so much short shift. The products and technology that did manage to somehow sneak out on stage were so good, that it almost makes up for the obvious lack of planning and organization that went into the event, and the extreme disrespect shown the audience, both live and streaming.

Right now, I want to focus on the positive. That cool tech and what I very much think Apple can learn from it. Rumors of a new iPhone SE have been… confused to say the least. Supposed leaks from case-makers suggested everything from another internal update to the existing SE, to an iPhone X-style design, notch and all. Then, from financial analyst reports, that this never announced iPhone was never going to be announced. That it had died on the product vine. Now, supply-chain exfiltrator extraordinaire, Kuo Ming-Chi is back, back again, with a new report, tell your friends, that a next generation iPhone SE is primed for the first quarter of A month ago today, Apple announced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, and all the camera features that come with them, from the improved wide angle to the new ultra wide, from Dark Mode to the currently-in-beta Deep Fusion.

Now, before the event even happened, I posted a series of videos on this channel explaining, and I mean exactly, why I thought people were missing what was going on with the iPhone camera system, and underestimating what the iPhone 11 camera was going to deliver. But that was based only on analysis. Against other iPhones and other phones. So, did Apple deliver on the photo capture and, more importantly to my own interests, was I right?

You can find 11 thousand words and a full hour of video on that linked below. What I want to do here, now, is talk about the implementation and the experience. Not how it works, which is chock full of really smart, really cool technology, but how well it works for the humans at the other end of the machine.

From books to wallets, flip phones to laptops. We just love taking big, wide things and folding them smaller if thicker to carry around. So, you want to switch from Android to iPhone but you have some concerns. Some stress points. Some… things that are just slowing you down or holding you back. There are a lot of totally valid reasons someone may want to make that change. Yes, still, today. And, also some legit reasons you may decide not to make the change at all.

Even if you need a little help getting there. Thanks to the iPhone, the September event is lock, but October…. Others… press releases just dropped at the dawn. But, this year… this year… it feels like Tim Cook and company might just put sneaker to keynote stage one more time. Checkm8 is a bootrom-level security exploit that can be used against every iPhone from the 4S to the X. Especially during the holiday sales and gift-giving season. The iPhone 8, the end of the original design era, at the end of The iPhone 11 has launched.

Store, I started thinking about, if I was there… if I was lined up, if I was looking over all the choices… not just one iPhone and only one iPhone any more, but a range of choices and options and colors… which would I get? But what you can do, you can do well. With good detail recovery, texture preservation, and tone mapping.

This is as much art as science. Do you drain color in the dark like the human eye or do you boost it? Do you turn night into day or shine a light in the dark? In the end, some aspects are objectively better on some camera phones. Mobile, and Hayato Houseman from Android Central. Apple Watch Series 5 takes the world's best health and fitness tracker and motivator, connected communications and emergency contact band, and wearable computer platform, and brings it all back full circle — into just what might be the world's best watch.

Once upon a time, the iPhone was the best camera you had with you. Now, Apple flat out wants to make it the best camera, period. And not just by taking the iPhone to 11, but by truly making it pro: The iPhone 11 Pro. For this review, I want to focus on what makes the iPhone 11 the new iPhone for everyone. Everyone who has an iPhone 6 or earlier and is looking for a new phone to keep getting the latest updates.

Last week, I got to go hands-on with a score of Apple Arcade launch titles and chat with almost a dozen developers about their collective goals, experiences, and dreams for the platform. Breaking: Apple's new iPhone 11 doesn't have 5G. Not low-band. Not sub-6, not millimeter wave. And that's got some pundits super salty. Always-on display, W3 chip with international emergency calling, S5 SiP with compass, Apple Watch Studio, titanium and ceramic finishes, Black Hermes, new bands, and more!

And I like this so much better. Phone has gone Pro — iPhone 11 Pro more specifically! At the same time, the carrier subsidies that used to cover up the costs have gone away and so the amped up prices are all amped up in our faces. Still, I know some people online — not just YouTubers and bloggers — who each year, every year, still always get the new iPhone. Now, I have to do that for my job, but I was curious why and how they did it.

So, I asked. Why was easy. They always wanted the latest and the greatest. When does a team dedicated to ferreting out bugs, exploits, and vulnerabilities turn into its own form of malware attack? But… one of these things is not like the other. So, what does it all mean for Disney, for Apple, and for us?

What's the absolute best iPhone of all time? With the iPhone 11 on the horizon, I wanted to find out. So, I asked all of you. And you voted by the thousands. Here is your ultimate pick, and your complete iPhone rankings from worst to best — and best to worst! I know. But, just hold on a hot damn second. The music plays. The Apple logo dances something clever across the big screen. Then, the lights go down. Tim Cook takes the stage. Good morning. And the September event is on. Apple Watch Series 5.

But, well.. Series 4 was such a leap forward, the speculation is going, that Series 5 could take a year off and just kind of coast. You know, maybe price drop it and use that as a way to lower the entry point and put pressure on competitors instead. Or maybe the iPhone 11 Pro. Apple sent me a statement on the whole iPhone battery locking controversy and the FAA has added some thirsty, thirsty MacBook Pro battery coverage to the mix. The Galaxy Note 10 is here.

A couple of days ago, Justin from TheArtofRepair YouTube channel discovered that, all of a sudden, swapping out the battery on an iPhone resulted in the newish battery health monitoring system turning off and popping up:. Health information not available for this battery".

Who is the Galaxy Note 10 for? Does it still cater to power users and nerds, even without a headphone jack? How does the camera compare to Huawei? And do you even need to think about 5G now? It's a Kuo Ming-Chi-a-palooza! And iPhone 11, the potential tariffs it might well face, and how Apple may have to deal with them.

Apple and Google suspend manual voice reviews and Samsung suspends the headphone jack on Galaxy Note Yeah, another one. But is it a cutting edge reinvention or just a lame retread? Humans listen to segments of our voices captured by Siri, Google, and Alexa to help train the natural language engines.

It's always been done this way but it's never gotten much attention. Not until Bloomberg reported on it all back in April, focusing on Alexa. Especially the latter. Maybe because, unlike the others, it front-loaded the part about sex, crime, medicine, and business. Or maybe just because it came out after Apple started putting big privacy billboards up in Las Vegas, Toronto, and Hamburg.

There have been rumors of Apple working on their own cellular modems for years. Principle at Creative Strategies and founder of TechPinions. Back in September for — and wow but does that already seem like a technology lifetime ago! But he also announced something else: Irregular heartbeat notifications and, for the first time ever in a direct-to-consumer device, the ability to take an electrocardiogram.

In a watch. On your freaking wrist. It shipped in the U. It shipped in much of the E. Our long, browser nightmare is over. Google web apps like GSuite now work as expected in Safari. So do Square Space and Wordpress. Apple is calling it Desktop Class Safari for iPad. The full-on web finally optimized for iPad or the iPad finally fully optimized for the web. So you want to buy a new MacBook, maybe for school, maybe for work, maybe to create something that lets you change how and why you work.

At least not yet. With iPadOS — and, yes, an iPhone and even an iPod touch running iOS 13 — you can finally access external files, not just photos, not just videos, but honest-to-unix external documents, assets, and anything else, just by plugging in a USB drive, stick, even SD or Compact Flash card.

You can even open photos and video directly in editing apps and access SMB shares right in the Files app. With some caveats, limitations, and, of course, adapters. The inch MacBook is dead. The following evening, Tim Cook emailed CNBC to call the story absurd, distorted, and not recognizable as the company it claimed to describe.

Kuo Ming-Chi, supply chain exfiltrator extraordinaire, in a report issued earlier today. Text via MacRumors:. The new keyboard could improve the typing experience by offering longer key travel and durability by adopting glass fiber to reinforce the keys' structure. At least prior to when they introduced their own, invented-at-Apple butterfly switches to the newly redesigned inch MacBook, and then in with the new MacBook Pro and with the new MacBook Air. The story is super interesting but other stuff kept coming up.

Then, just this morning, I watched a video Tech Insider put up and… Yeah. There have been a lot of Rather than perpetuate another one of my own, I decided to find someone super smart and super talented who was actually there. Who worked on prototyping and design at Apple going back to the days of Steve Jobs and the original iPhone, and who understands how and why the design culture works the way it does.

Then, set up an interview even if that person is away on her vacation in France, so she can share her experience and insight. Now, Skype did not cooperate at all, so apologies for the bad video but what she has to say is so terrific I simply have to share it with you no matter what. Thanks for your understanding.

While he pursues personal projects, Ive in his new company will continue to work closely and on a range of projects with Apple. Wow, I mean. As someone who started out in the business as a designer, Jony Ive and his relationship with Apple was just everything I looked up to and aspired to be. On the other hand, though, as someone no longer in design, Jony Ive set free but still connected to Apple is something I really, deeply feel.

But, sorry, first. I was going to wait and think on it a bit, and do a deeper, more forward looking video tomorrow. But then, you guessed it, the Internet happened. Hot takes began raining down like meteors in a Michael Bay movie. And, as expected a lot of them were just terrible. Like terrible set in comic sans terrible. That's why I ultimately decided to split my video in two. To get something short out today and the focus on something deeper for tomorrow.

But, for this, I kinda want to do the opposite. Instead of looking out or going out, I want to turn in. I want to try to come up with what I think would be the ultimate expression of the iPhone by Apple. Catalyst aims to let the vast catalog of iPad apps move more easily to the Mac, while SwiftUI teases a future where developers can build them that way to begin with. Sidecar lets you use your iPad as an external display to mirror or extend your desktop.

Or, grab an Apple Pencil and use it with tablet-enabled Mac apps in a way that just might make any of the smaller Wacoms weep. Security and Privacy are getting an even more vigilant Gatekeeper, a read-only system volume, extensions and drivers ripped out of kernel space, and Sign in with Apple.

And Accessibility is showing all of that up not just with better VoiceOver, color filters, and new zooms, but with full-on, Bene Gesserit-level Voice Control. If you want to, you can kick it up to 28 Xeon Cascade Lake cores and 1. Google is killing off its Pixel line of homespun tablet hardware. Yes, this is utterly, completely, totally, add any three words that all mean the same thing, ridiculous.

When I first reviewed the iPad Pro last November, I focused on the seriously amped up hardware design. Many of you all, of course, allowed yourselves to retort. And you were right. So, two weeks later, I redid my review, went over why I felt the iPad Pro was less a laptop replacement and more a laptop alternative, and then went through a few of the ways I was hoping Apple would improve the software in the future to take better advantage of all the new hardware.

Well, that future is now. Everything from performance to stability to implementations can and will change. This fall, once Apple ships all the new bits though, game on. And, of course, Shortcuts is becoming a built-in app and is adding support for a bunch of new functionality, not the least of which is the ability to accept conversation input. Yup, now if you tell Shortcuts to order you a pizza, it can ask you which of the last four pizza orders you want to repeat.

To dig deep into how it all works, I asked Matthew Cassinelli to join. He was actually on the Workflow team when Apple bought the app, had written the documentation and filled the gallery, but left just as Apple was transitioning it into Shortcuts. So he could help evangelize the technology from the outside.

And that experience is driven by tvOS. Then, slowly, every couple of years, it started getting exclusive features like Side-by-Side apps and Picture-in-Picture video. Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Multi-window Drag-and-Drop and workspaces. But, only every couple of years. Now, Apple has finally made one of my longer standing dreams into reality.

Tribble is a long-time Apple employee, a member of the original Macintosh design team, and currently Vice President of Software Technology. They discuss the new 'Sign in with Apple' feature along with other measures the company takes to protect user privacy. There will be no Thanos snap live on stage. No decimation around the world. None of that is true or real in any true or real way.

So, why are there so many headlines saying iTunes is ending and the age of digital downloads is over? What are they? Because the keynote is really only the beginning. To do that, though, I need gear. I need tech. I need… so much stuff. And, I need to pack it all up to take it with me. Basically, my every day carry optimized for going away. But what exactly does that mean and how exactly does that work? Ever since the company announced kinda lackluster sales for the premium Pixel 3 but then turned right around and launched the much more budget friendly Pixel 3a.

You should watch it. Link in the description. But that also got me thinking, Drax-Style, not so much about what is the Pixel but why is the Pixel? What does its existence do for Google and for us? To help me figure it all out, I asked on the man who literally got me started in this business, and, yeah, that aside, one of the smartest people I know.

Apple has just announced a refreshed iPod touch that offers updated internals and support for several of its best new features. For years, Apple made some of the best — and most expensive — displays in the business.

Not only did they have great design and terrific panels, they had those Apple logos right up front for people who wanted that look and that experience beyond an iMac — for their Mac Pros to MacBook Pros as well. But then, just a few years ago, Apple went and stopped making them.

From hero to zero, something to nothing in one Thanos snap flat. There were rumors — there are always rumors — of a 4K display that Apple was working on but never shipped. The music fades. The lights go down. A video plays. The community. And when the lights come back up, Tim Cook is walking onto the stage. The original iPod touch launched just a few months after the original iPhone, way back in September of And for a few years, while the iPod touch never quite matched the feature set of the iPhone, it at least received updates of its own, up to and including the 4th generation in which, finally, you know, got a camera not just on the front but on the back as well.

Last week, U. Apple just right now announcing some new MacBook Pros for Rumor has it Apple just may be introducing their own, Tile-like tags later this year. In the exact same, soon-to-be-unified app, as a matter of fact. You know the iPhone XR? Yeah, that one. But, when he feels that our core human rights under assault, be it security, privacy, or accessibility, that Tim Cook comes out. For people who have low or no vision, low or no hearing, low or no interactivity, primarily and absolutely.

Even for people who just want their device to be the way they want it. Bigger, smaller, brighter, darker, calmer, clearer, louder, lower, whatever. Because accessibility is also for everyone. Not just every day but any day you, me, anyone needs it. But this year, perhaps more than any other, the iPhone 11 rumors just keep coming and almost all of them focus on the new camera system coming with it. And it makes total sense. The iPhone XS has a good camera and a terrific video camera, but since it was announced Google has released the Pixel 3 with Night Vision, Samsung has put out the Galaxy S10 with a three camera system, and Huawei has escalated with a periscope lens and time of flight system.

Hate, because unlike the previous version with its function row and scissor switch keyboard, the new Touch Bar and butterfly and dome keyboard proved to be incredibly divisive. But, there are rumors of a new MacBook Pro coming our way. One that, like the iPhone X, shrinks the bezels to expand the screen size — in this case, up to inches.

And one that maybe, just maybe, ditches the butterfly and dome keyboard and full-height arrow keys for something with more click, an actual ESC, and an inverted T. The rumors have been few and very far between. We could end up with a spec bump again and membrane 2.

Or with nothing. But maybe, just maybe, the same Apple that released the iMac Pro, finally updated the Mac mini, and hired a full-on Pro Workflows team to really pound on their bits and atoms before the public ever gets exposed to them… Maybe, just maybe that Apple has gotten its Mac mojo back.

And loud. Not just from a customer wishlist perspective, because we customers want it all. Bigger battery but lighter. More tech but lower price. No matter how contradictory that might be. No, I want to think about it from an actual product point of view — what could the people in charge of the MacBook Pro do to really meet the needs of the vast majority of MacBook Pro customers?

Powerbeats Pro in black are available for order now and shipping this month. The other colors — yes, unlike AirPods, they also come in navy blue, moss green, and ivory white, though sadly not Product red, at least not yet — will be available later this summer. The H1 chip, the sensors, and everything else that lets them pair easily and power on quick and long. So, are they worth it? It's going to take me a week or so to put together a full review, especially for battery life and sound and call quality, but if you want to buy now, now, now and you're trying to decide, here's what I can tell you after just 24 hours ears-on.

I started working on a watchOS 6 video a couple of weeks ago but, absent any real rumors, it was as more of a wishlist or, like some of my other early-days videos, a list of missing features I think would help round out a product. Then, Mark Gurman happened. And now we have proper spoilers to contend with as well. I learn a lot of Linus Tech Tips. And Why. This one is a little different, though. A little nerdier.

A little geekier. A little more from the developer side than the user side, though we can still suss a lot of great user stuff from it. Yes, Apple still cares about the Mac. Steady, check in once a week over FaceTime and visit a few times a year on holidays care. It should, not to get all Aaron Sorkin for a moment, be the business of informing its readers, of speaking truth to stupid.

Now, I hate the term fake news. I hate it. Over thousand subscribers. Over 15 million views. Close to videos. Of Vector. But wait… what is Vector? What exactly am I trying to do here and how exactly am I doing it? Back in March, Apple released their second generation AirPods with the H1 chip, voice activated Siri built-in, longer talk time, and an optional inductive charging case.

It used to be that some kinds of natural disasters were seasonal. Snow melting in the spring. Some has. Do them asap. Here's how the Max version, the camera, and the durability have held up over that time.


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